Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart

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Pick up any tabloid or fashion magazine—and we do mean any—and you're sure to spot one of Twilight's sexy, sometimes naughty sirens staring back at you from the cover.

Heck, throw a stone at the hottest H'wood red carpet or swanky after-hours party and you're bound to hit at least a few costar cuties bonding over being vamp sensations. Or cat-fighting, depending on which of those tabloids you grabbed.

Like it or not, the fanged franchise and its horde of hotties are practically running T-town right now. But which Twi starlet loves her off-screen fame the most?

I bet you guessed Nikki Reed, didn't you?

"Well, it's interesting. I mean, I think some of us enjoy or have dealt with the celebrity aspect of this whole journey maybe differently or more than others," Michael Welch, who stars in all of the hit films, gabbed about the so-famous cast.

"I think Ashley Greene is somebody who really enjoys like doing photo shoots and really just loves the whole game, you know?," he continued. "This whole crazy world."

Fine, I guess she was our second guess. Good thing all that fame-lovin' hasn't gone to her head and made her that nasty Eclipse diva, huh?

But what about the most famous Twi­-babe?

"Kristen obviously is probably more interested in just acting and just doing what she does best," Michael explains, making sure to protect his leading lady.

"And maybe comes across a certain way within this celebrity world that I don't think is accurate in terms of who she actually is as a person."

So who is she actually? More on that later, dolls, promise!

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