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Dear Ted:
I know you love Miley (sometimes way to much), but who do you think is gonna be the Disney Channel's It girl now that the Hannah Montana's alter ego is out of the Mouse house: Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato? My money is on Miss Gomez even when she's "not here to replace anyone" and hates to be compared with the now not-so-child-proper Cyrus!

Dear Replacement:
While Demi certainly wants to be the head gal at Disney, I'd put my money on Selena to nab the honor, which is totally cool with me. Though, on second thought, can anyone really replace Miles? Didn't think so!

Dear Ted:
Lotta chatter about Jen Aniston these days regarding nothing much really. I must say though, she actually has surpassed Angelina in the looks department—despite the fact that A.J. is a born goddess and Jen is just cute. This is saying a lot about Angelina and her habits. Jen is five years older and smokes, but it's Angelina who looks haggard and beat! Her skin is sagging, her hair is falling out and she's skeletal and hunched over. Don't think it's about dealing with six kids (and six nannies.) Thoughts?

Dear Glam Squad:
Simple, S: While Jen is living the carefree life with it's tanning time, margaritas and manipedi afternoon trips, Ange is stressing hard-core about everything in her former paradise not being absolutely perfect. And that's not easy on a gal or her sometimes-gorgeous looks.

Dear Ted:
You and Team Awful undoubtedly are so over talking about Robsten. Obviously Robsten's been a hot topic, but what celebrity (or celeb couple) have you been asked the most questions about during your career?

Dear Good One:
Three-way tie: what happened between Tom and Nicole, what didn't happen between Brad and Angie and who the hell Toothy Tile is.

Dear Ted:
Team Awful must be very popular and busy these days, because you never reply to my emails. But I'll forgive you. I saw the Best Kiss Acceptance Speech from Robsten, and although I adore them, nothing can beat the 2006 Best Kiss from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Do you think these two will ever get back together? According to gossip sites, neither one seems to be actively dating. Do you think there is hope that these two might reconsider and realize that they're meant for each other. Their chemistry and love was undeniable.

Dear The Notebook Fan:
Two totally different couples, but got to admit the McGosling kiss was hot, hot, hot. As for a possible rekindling, you never know, doll, but don't count on it anytime soon. Keep wishing though and maybe it'll happen, right?

Dear Ted:
Haven't heard much about Lloyd Boy-Toyed in a while. Is it just me or has he been publicly toeing the line a lot lately about admitting to his bedroom preferences...?

Dear You Got It:
Such the disappoint, yes. Is he getting scared again or what?

Dear Ted:
If a Blind Vice's vice has come to light in the news, would you be able to reveal the star's real name?
—Amanda F

Dear Extra Extra!
Great question, but really it depends. If the news story is their only Vice, maybe. But a lot of our fave B.V. stars have multiple secrets, à la drugs and sex, or attitude and a beard, etc. in which case they'd remain Blind.

Dear Ted:
Is there any other way someone would want to get a pet besides adopting? My dog never stops wagging her tail and my cat never stops purring. I like to think they're grateful and showing it. OK, I have to figure out the studly Robert Downey Jr.'s Blind Vice. Help!

Dear Paws ‘n' Think:
It's from his last life—not that hard to guess.

Dear Ted:
What's the story with Beyoncé? She's just too perfect. Her career is perfect, marriage is perfect...She always looks perfect and happy. Is she a robot? What did you think about her jumping the Gaga train. I mean Madonna jumped on the Britney train, but she's Madonna. This collaboration is not interesting in that way, and personally I don't find Gaga all that fascinating. She's not progressive at all and her videos are...weird at best. Beyoncé was once bringing something new to the scene, but not anymore.

Dear Bore-oncé:
And that's the exact image Beyoncé wants to have. Stay out of the tabloids as much as she can and have her image focused on her work—can't hate the babe for that, right? As for collaborating with Gaga, it's two pop stars teaming up on a hot song. Where's the crime?

Dear Ted:
is Buddy Rib-Toast Gerard Butler?

Dear Bottoms Up:
Nope, Buddy is a bit younger than Gerry. Maybe that's why he's so ultimately unsuccessful at holding his booze? Novice!

Dear Ted:
My question is about Channing Tatum. Has he ever been a B.V.? His marriage seems too convenient!

Dear Inconvenient:
While the dude may have a few secrets, none are B.V.-worthy. At least not yet. And be nice to my Channing! We heart him here at A.T.

Dear Ted:
Have Nevis Divine and his current leading lady/beard/girlfriend called it quits? And is Nevis getting back into harder stuff than just booze these days?

Dear Naughty Nev:
No and no.

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