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If it makes it any more palatable, this is one 911 call that didn't end in tragedy.

E! News has obtained the audio of the emergency call made by Shawn King's 76-year-old father last month after finding his daughter, Larry King's on-again wife, unresponsive at her Provo, Utah, home.

"She may have overmedicated," Karl Engemann tells the operator. "I don't think she did it on purpose or anything, but she may have overmedicated. Last night she seemed confused about what she had taken and the last time she had taken it."

The operator then asks whether King intentionally overdosed.

"No, no, no, no, no, it wouldn't be suicidal," Engermann replies.

He adds that his 50-year-old daughter was currently taking medication for anxiety and depression.

Engermann went to his daughter's home the morning of May 28 to pick her up for a meeting. He saw her sleeping and allowed her to rest a bit longer before attempting to wake her up. When he was unable to, he phoned 911.

"She just seems to be out of it. I can't wake her up," he says, remaining calm and collected for the duration of the call. "She's unconscious, I try to wake her up, I slap her and I holler at her, and she opens her eyes halfways and puts 'em back down again."

And while King emerged unscathed from the incident, the most tragic part of the incident was her father's closing request.

"I want to tell you this and I want to keep this very quiet," he tells the operator. "She's married to Larry King, from CNN. I just don't want this to get out."

As for Larry, he has already released a statement backing his wife, who is recovering from the overdose..

"I am extremely supportive of Shawn," he said in a statement released through his spokesman Howard J. Rubenstein. "Reports that we have fought are absolutely false. I love her dearly.

"Our marriage is still together and I am staying very close to our children, who we love immensely. We shall go through this difficult time intact as a family."

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz

(Originally published June 9, 2010, at 10:05 a.m. PT)

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