By now, we're guessing you've heard the one about President Barack Obama and "Whoomp! (There It Is)." And we're guessing you're wondering, Can it possibly be?  

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Is that really Obama smiling, wearing shades and looking fly on a "Zack Morris cell phone," as best put it, in the 1993 music-video classic?

The White House hasn't commented. But somebody else in the know has. And no, his name's not Deep Throat.

It's Cecil Glenn, aka DC the Brain Supreme of the Atlanta-based duo Tag Team, which made "Whoomp!" the song of the summer of '93, and a perennial at sporting events thereafter.

We caught up by phone with Glenn on Monday afternoon. He knew why we were calling—his phone's been ringing ever since the Internet-fueled Obama story began raging over the weekend—but he let us ask the question anyway: Was our future president in your music video?

Once Glenn stopped chuckling, he told us, "No, he was not." 

The video was filmed at an airplane hangar in Atlanta, Glenn remembers. In his memory, about 1,000 people showed up for the party of a shoot. Many were friends of Glenn and his rap partner, Steve Gibson (aka Steve Roll'n); others were locals who'd already been turned on to to the insta-hit.

Whoomp There It Is, Barack Obama

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"So there were a lot of people there, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him," Glenn said of Obama. "The timeline doesn't add up."

No, it doesn't. Obama was kinda busy in 1993, having recently married attorney/organizer Michelle Obama, and joined a law firm himself. And, oh, yes, the Obamas were based in Chicago, not Atlanta.

While Glenn told us "Whoomp!" was actually big in Chicago, as the anthem was adopted by Michael Jordan's championship-winning Chicago Bulls, he rejected the notion that that's our future first lady boogying at the 27-second mark in his video.

As for the Obama-like guy at the 1:01 mark? Does Glenn know who that mystery man is?

"Not right now," Glenn said. "But I'm working on it."

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Remember when the president was the comedy headliner?

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