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Leonardo DiCaprio and his usual wingmen, Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas, all hit up sports bar Goal in West Hollywood recently.

The power trio were there watching the Lakers-Suns game and kept a pretty low profile. Low enough to keep the ladies surrounding them from eyeing them though?

Duh! Which sure is a change from when we spotted Leo and his guytourage out the other week at the Maxim Hot 100 party. The admiration between Leo and the ladies was definitely majorly mutual a few weeks ago.

But Leo, dressed in his typical baseball cap, kept to himself and his hangers-on, reserving his manly lips for...

One helluva lucky cigar, which Leo puffed on big-time, face down, all shy like. L.D. would go outside on the patio and smoke a few stogies, opting to ignore the female stares around him and also "buried himself in his BlackBerry." Nicotine and electronics, hmmm, guess just that's just one way the dude spends his Barless time.

However, one looker who did manage to grab Leo's attention was...himself!

At one point during the game, the trailer for his new movie, Inception, came on, and Leo stopped what he was doing to proudly and "intently" check it out. Can't blame the dude, movie looks fab!

Wonder why the sexy bachelor was on such good behavior, tho? Probably because on-again, off-again GF Refaeli was in town. Leo took Bar to Goal the next day. Also together, but 3,000 miles away, were...

Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha as they grabbed a cozy brunch at Café Cluny in the Big Apple. Ash and Justin were "casual and quiet" at the hip hang, not acting too lovey-dovey, but clearly seemed to be enjoying some private time to themselves. A few tables over were

Anne Hathaway brunching with bad-boy boyfriend No. 2, Adam Shulman. Our hungry eyes dish that the pair were accompanied by a slightly older looking couple, who seemed to be the parents of one of them. Hmmm. How very Skarsgård and Bosworth.

Anne looked quite delicate and cute, as usual, in a strapless floral dress with her dark hair pulled back.

"You could tell she was really happy with [Adam]," adds our source. The two left arm-in-arm, laughing and skipping down the streets of NYC. Even the spying paparazzi couldn't put a damper on young love!

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