Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr


If there's one thing young H'wood types excel at, it's using their personal lives to generate buzz for projects.

One crowd of T-town up-and-comers is definitely perfecting the never-ending game of "are they or aren't they?": The sexy CW stars. And Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are leading the pack.

So which do you prefer with these two, on or off?

Does it matter? It's all about the game, babes.

The often-canoodling couple was spotted at the SoHo Hotel in London last night, causing a paparazzi frenzy—because the duo is supposed to be splitsville.

But these stars are groomed to know that monogamy doesn't sell. It's all about the mystery.

Tabloid headlines help get ratings, duh, so when Ed and Jess are smooching off-set, the CW is loving every new goss-craving tween tuning in to their ho-hum soap opera. It's the same for those other Upper East Siders: Penn and Blake, Chace and...whoever. You get the idea?

Hell, it's catching on like wildfire! Sophia and Austin, anyone?

Oh, and you can't forgot those friggin' Vampire Diaries stars—Nina and Ian are playing the game, trust. And it's working, if all you bloodsuckers following their every gorgeous move is any indication.

But the CW has nothing on those Disney kids, don't forget.

Case in point? Miss Miley and her revolving door of dudes—the latest BF to allegedly get kicked to the curb being Liam Hemsworth. And don't for a second think Miles doesn't love the attention on her love life.

Take pointers, Demi. You're doing it wrong.

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