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When Miley crooned—with a wee bit of Auto-Tune help—that she can't be tamed, she meant it.

Now the Disney diva is going full-on pop star, a la Gaga and Beyoncé: She's ditching her pants in favor of onsies and cat suits. M.C. hit the stage recently and spiced things up, and not just with her outfits:

First, she heated up the crowd with mucho sexy costumes that showed off her teen tummy and endless legs.

And not to be outdone by newly single Demi Lovato (thanks a lot, Joe Jonas), Miles dished at her recent concert that her song Full Circle was about her one true love Nick Jonas.

Not up on your Cyrus tunes? Well, here's what it's about:

"It's about two people. They're always gonna come back together no matter what anyone says, the bad people that try to keep you apart. It's a personal story, surprise, surprise, it's about a Jonas brother," MC dished.

Umm, hi what have we been telling you? Niley forever! Don't think current BF Liam Hemsworth feels too hot about that but whatever.

Miley sure brought the sexy onstage.

Maybe it isn't the most appropriate look for a not-quite-legal lady with a massive tween following, but we respect the gal for doing what she wants to do, no matter what crap she gets for it.

Which is why we think Miles should rethink her decision to quit music to focus on acting.

Sure, Hannah Montana was a hit with the kids, but unless M.C. takes some more acting classes (and soon) she's not quite suited for the big screen—even her three second, blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in Sex and the City 2 was...not great.

But the honey has a helluva lot of pop star potential, trust: She can crank out tunes that will be stuck in your head for days, loves flaunting her stuff for stadiums full of fans, and can generate controversy galore.

So very Britney, don't you think? Love this girl (mean it). Guess that means Nick J is Justin Timberlake. Hot!

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