Katherine Heigl may not be totally loving her new darker 'do—she says it makes her look like a "soccer mom"—but her hubby, Josh Kelley, sure is.

"I think he liked the big dramatic switch, because there's always room for role-play, right?" she joked to E! News at last night's premiere of The Killers.

In the movie, she does more role-playing as Ashton Kutcher's wife—and gave her costar a Grey's Anatomy-esque nickname based on his bangin' bod...

"McAbs!" Katherine quickly quipped when asked for his Seattle Grace moniker. 

Not that Ashton will admit to working hard for that six-pack.

"I got a DVD off TV, sat on the couch, ate some PopChips and drank some Vita Coco," he told us of how he got his killer physique.

OK, Ashton. We believe you about as much as we believe your wife, Demi Moore, when she says sex with you is what's responsible for her youthful look!

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