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Who saw Sex and the City 2? Clearly a tad more than those who saw Prince of Persia because that was the real box-office letdown over Memorial Day weekend.

As the debate rages on about just what a disappointment SATC 2 was, here's our review, which harks back to fab-ho Samantha, in two seconds: "Let's get the f--k out of Abu Dhabi!"

That was by far the best line out of the movie and pretty much described how we all were feeling when the overly drawn-out Middle East plot raged on longer than some holy wars. Not to mention it was just slightly offensive and pathetic when the Muslim women hoarded french fries and designer digs under their dresses.

Seriously, there was no sex and very little city in this sequel. We're die-hard Sexers and loved the stuff in NYC. The movie should have stayed there. Thoughts?

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Did the Abu Dhabi scenes ruin SATC 2?

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Photos: Sex and the City 2 Premiere

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