Jersey Shore, Jenni Farley, Mike Sorrentino

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Mmm, sweet summer. The network TV season is over, and it's time to put down the remote, get off the couch and head outside. What's that you say? Fresh air and sunlight makes your soul hurt? In that case, you're not alone.

Now that there's nothing on the tube (but will be very soon) we have a whole gallery of shameful TV shows we're secretly watching while we neglect the outdoors. We won't tell anyone if you click in...

These are the shows we can't turn away from, the series' with plotlines so cheesy we watch with a nice glass of pinot in hand--and one eye on the door to make sure we're not busted. Think of this as a support group.

Now check out our Series Pass: Embarrassing TV on Your DVR and know this: you're not alone.

And if we forget one of your favorite embarrassingly awesome shows (we're sure we did), then let us know by telling us in the comments.


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