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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had quite the Memorial Day weekend. While most of us were able to enjoy a three-day break, Robsten apparently broke up, Pattinson is already moving on with costar Reese Witherspoon, and Stewart is fuming and flipping the bird all over Sydney.

So what the heck is going on?!

Let's start with the most ridiculous: Rob and Reese are not taking their relaysh to the next level. While we don't doubt there may be a little flirtation on set (R.Pattz is a charmer, ain't that why we all heart him?) there's nothing romantic happening between the Water for Elephants costars.

Witherspoon is still with her perfect BF Jim Toth, and Rob and Kristen are totally good. Sorry, but no such breakup has happened in Robsten land.

R.Pattz and K.Stew are just doing what they do best. Working! Hello, just because Kristen is with Taylor Lautner promoting Eclipse in Sydney and Rob is getting ready to start filming here in LA doesn't mean they are dunzo.

"Nothing has changed with [Rob and Kristen's] relationship," our source assures.

Another thing that also hasn't changed? Stewart's attitude towards the paparazzi. Unfortunately, pictures don't lie and its clear KS has not been enjoying the flashbulbs following her around Sydney. But can ya really blame her? Australia's amazing, we wouldn't want to sightsee with fifty uninvited photogs either. Especially when they are twitpicing your underwear. Unnecessary.

EW has a wrap up of all the temperamental Stewart headlines if you must, but of course no one is reporting that Taylor and Kristen actually did their job, too, like hosting a Q & A in Sydney.

Isn't Kristen's attitude why we all kinda heart her? Or did flipping the bird one too many times push some of you fans over the edge? Weigh in below.

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