Recognize the Reveler

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Tell us how you really feel!

This actress, who stars in a major movie franchise, is promoting the latest installment of her flick in Australia. She greeted photogs there with this two-fingered salute while smoking a cigarette on her balcony.

Maybe she's in a bad mood because her costar (and boyfriend) couldn't join her on this press trip?

Find out who's flipping us off after the jump...

Kristen Stewart

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It's Kristen Stewart, taking a smoke break in Sydney, where's she's promoting Eclipse alongside Taylor Lautner.

While K.Stew's stayed mum on her romance with Rob Pattinson, she's never shy about showing the paparazzi how she really feels.

And in the spirit of being candid, we'd like to suggest Kristen lose the nasty smoking habit.

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Kristen's not the only one giving the finger overseas. Check out this starlet giving paps the same shot in London!

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