Megan Fox

George Pimentel/Getty Images

"Maybe she insulted him (and the movies) in print one too many times? I have never heard her say a single positive thing about those movies, even when she was promoting them."

Longtime Megan Fox chum, weighing in on the controversy surrounding the announcement that Transformers director Michael Bay (who Fox once compared to Hitler) and Paramount were not inviting Ms. F back to the megafranchise

Of course, Megan insists it is she who bowed out over Bay's abuse, not vice versa. But with this kind of sassy verbal history about the movies that made her an awfully big name, is it to be believed?

Unlikely, but who cares at this point? It's no different than Heigl bad-mouthing Knocked Up and its creators. Take the damn money, be grateful and just move on with class, if these projects bother you gals so much.

So, who's telling the truth here? Will the real ingrate—the spoiled star or the spiteful director—please stand up?


Photos: The Many Moods of Megan Fox.

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