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In H'wood, it's nearly impossible to get within 10 feet of—let alone work for—a celebrity without having to sign an ironclad confidentiality agreement. Well, seems the master of media, Angelina Jolie, may have either slipped up or this dude's in for one helluva lawsuit, because one of her former employees is blabbing and he does not have anything nice to say.

So who's talking and how legit is the anti-Ange rant?

In Touch Weekly allegedly got one of Brad and Angie's former bodyguards to spill the beans about his superbitchy ex-boss.

While the source may be questionable—if the dumped-on guy is breaking a contract, which he no doubt would be, he'd get his ass sued off by the über-powerful Brangelina—the things he says aren't so far-fetched.

"Bill the bodyguard," as he's referred to in the interview, dishes that Ange has quite a different persona between what the public sees and what goes on behind closed doors. You don't say! Who would have thought the woman who one second bitches about her lack of privacy, but the next flaunts her hubby and kiddos around to silence the nasty press could possibly be two-faced?

They don't call her a manipulator for nothing, babes.

The burly insider then goes on to say that A.J.'s fave method of punishment is the silent treatment, and that she's little moved by emotions and can switch moods in an instant. Can't say we're surprised there—"Arctic Angie" and her legendary mood swings aren't quite staying under wraps these days.

The woman can be quite…chilly, and we definitely wouldn't want to be on her bad side—'tho, on second thought, we probably already are! Whoops.

And the final big bomb that good old Bill drops is that the once-happy and horny couple spends more time fighting than doing that other F-word these days. We don't doubt that something is obviously up between the couple-gone-awry, but we can promise you that all that tension still leads to some supersteamy tussles between the sheets.

The one part of Bill's gabbing that totally perplexed us was his saying that Angelina is constantly nitpicking Brad. Sure, the vixen probably voices her opinion quite often, but she's obviously not nitpicking enough.

He's still got that damn grizzly beard, after all.


Bill blabbed about Brangelina's home life, but do you believe him? Check out pictures of the fam in our Brad & Angelina Family Album.

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