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Poor Jennifer Aniston's overseas Bounty Hunter junket was one big fashion fail.

She tried, though, she really did. After all the lame stateside outfits recently, Jen kinda went for it in Europe. (Maybe figuring it's safer to try new things when you're so far from home?) She wore black just once and even mixed up the shoes.

But most of these risks didn't pay off...

In Berlin, the babe went from Rachel Green circa 2001 in a V-neck and gray skirt to just OK in a neutral Valentino mini. Then in Paris she shocked in hot-pink Christian Lacroix and a ponytail! Talk about a hot mess.

The only time Jen killed it was during the Madrid photo call—her white sheath was classic, age appropriate and total hotness. Which was followed by the grossest look of all: a cheap-looking, teeny-bopper LBD. Sigh.

Of course, now that the movie tour is over we'll naturally be going into deep Aniston withdrawal despite the disappointment. We're fickle that way.

How about you? Are you gonna miss Jen's fashion hits and misses, too? Let us know in the comments!


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