Liam Hemsworth, Justin Gaston

Lester Cohen/Getty Images; ABC/Adam Larkey

Every time Miley Cyrus steps out with a new man, we wonder who the heck the fella is, besides Nick Jonas, of course.

Last time, we almost got around to Googling the new boy toy's name when the dude made headlines for himself with old modeling pics, like any good wannabe celeb would.

Miley's latest crush has a movie to promote, of course, but he's been letting his lady take center stage, and he definitely has not been parading around shirtless for the paparazzi. He's a total step up from ex-BF Justin Gaston.

So, has Liam Hemsworth received a very important memo from Miley?


It's obvious Miley likes to be the star in her relationships: She has only dated B-listers since her split from scrumptious JoBro Nick (with whom Miley had a superhot, albeit combustible relaysh), and she loves to work the red carpet sans a competing BF—pretty and to the side's kinda how she prefers 'em.

Or the best PR date? Her mom!

But if Miley's in the mood for a manmuffin (as she's desired for years, don't be fooled), witness Liam's recent low-key behavior and how it's totally the opposite of Justin's grasping ways. Remember, Justin tried to propel himself into the spotlight by hanging onto Miley last summer, and now he's promoting his debut album (something we definitely won't be buying).

Although there were plenty of pics of Liam shirtless last summer while filming The Last Song, we have to commend him for his recent, more subdued behavior. He so could've milked that skin stuff for more by now.

Clearly he learned that being with Miley means letting her be the bigger star—and not overshadowing her with tabloid headlines.

Indeed, we're told by Miley hangers, that until Nick's back in the pic, Miley's made it very, very clear that she is to be the center of all media ops.

Though the Cyrus camp probably wouldn't like them, some more shirtless pics of Liam wouldn't be so bad, right?

Be quiet, Miley, we're not asking you.


Liam and Justin aren't the only ones who look good shirtless. Check out our Hot Bods gallery!

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