Andrew Wilson, Owen Wilson

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Owen Wilson is a wedding crasher. Is Andrew Wilson a shutterbug smasher?

The brothers are the target of a negligence lawsuit filed by a Los Angeles-based paparazzo who claims he got banged up when Andrew shoved him on a staircase while he was trying to get a shot of the Wendell Baker Story director's more famous younger brother.

Per the complaint filed last week in L.A. Superior Court, photographer Clint Brewer was climbing the stairs when Andrew pushed him in the back.

Due to Andrew's supposed "willful, wonton and malicious conduct," Brewer "became terrified, and suffered severe and extreme mental and emotional distress."

"Mr. Brewer is looking for compensation for the injury to his wrist after being pushed by Andrew Wilson," JBrewer's attorney, effrey Molchan, tells E! News. "I guess Andrew didn't want him to take any pictures and pushed him down."

Andrew was employed by Owen at the time, making the Marley & Me star just as liable, the suit alleges.

Brewer is seeking $3,251 in medical expenses and $500,000 in general damages. A hearing is scheduled for July 13.

A Wilson rep hasn't yet responded to a request for comment.

—Reporting by Ashley Fultz


Owen and Andrew Wilson actually but the bro in bromance. The dudes in our gallery are just faking.

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