Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson

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As he sees it, Joe Jackson is an avenging angel.

"I want justice for Michael," the Jackson family patriarch tells E! News. "They think they can sweep this under the rug, but I want justice."

To that end, Jackson says that his attorney officially put Dr. Conrad Murray on notice.

The elder Jackson warned the doctor that he will be staring at the business end of a civil wrongful death lawsuit within 90 days.

Murray's already facing a criminal charge of involuntary manslaughter in Michael's death. The physician has pleaded not guilty to overmedicating the star with the powerful anesthetic propofol.

Attorney Brian Oxman claims that Michael "had a heartbeat with resuscitation" when he arrived at the emergency room on the day of his death and more could have been done to save the pop star's life, which the attorney calls "tragic" and "horrible."

Oxman says that the complaint must be filed by June 25—the first anniversary of Michael's death—which is the reason they are moving forward with the case now.

He also says he will be checking in shortly with Murray's attorneys to follow up on his written notice, which he says they should be receiving today.

A spokeswoman for Murray's legal team declined to comment when reached this morning. "We have not received word yet regarding [Joe] Jackson's lawsuit so we cannot comment on the details therein," Miranda Sevcik said.

A rep for Katherine Jackson has not yet returned calls seeking comment.


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