Katy Perry, Jessica Szohr, Audrina Patridge

Raef/Ramirez/INFphoto.com; Soul Brother/Getty Images; Fame Pictures

Oh dear god, noooo!

Katy Perry, Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr and Audrina Patridge are wearing belly shirts like they're—gulp—cool again. Which. They. Are. Not.

Crop tops were bad enough the first time around in the '80s. (Hey, mistakes are allowed once. Who doesn't look back now and laugh?)

Then they made a brief comeback in the '90s, when they got even tinier and sluttier.

But it's 2010, stars! We are more evolved than this. (You too, Jennifer Aniston!) Sure, you have amazingly flat and sexy abs, but show them off at the beach, not on the red carpet or out on the street.   

Please, this trend died long ago, so let's keep it dead, 'kay?


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