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Jeez, what hath Jesse James wrought, huh? Are quasi-good-looking TV stars who behave badly suddenly the norm here in Hollywood?

Sure looks that way.

Because Moisty Mohr, a man never known for his looks so much as his ratings, is pulling some of the skuzziest stuff around these days! If you haven't just eaten lunch, proceed, by all means:

There's a certain store in town that sells women's clothing and is hot, hot, hot—tons of stars go there. It's a stylin' joint where the chicks go to get their chic on. So, of course, Moisty, who's always with one slinky babe or another (though he pretends he dates only one at a time—total lie), stopped into said shop recently.

"He came it with a bunch of gals," said an eyewitness. "They were just dripping all over him, which was really funny, as he's not all that much to look at."

What's even more hysterical (or pathetic, your choice) is that Moisty couldn't wait to have his way with his harem, so he took them into a changing room! And that area does not have floor-to-ceiling doors, mind you.

So, everybody in the store heard everything. And considering the fact that there were at least two women getting serviced by Moisty, the audio factor was not low. Consider it as amped as Mohr's boob-tube persona!

Wow. Is this when like short men start acting like total bitches, just to assert themselves? Dog-faced celeb finds the need to show he's got what it takes to please the ladies—and he wants everybody to know it?

Fine. Say the word, Moisty, your secret's out!

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