Michael Cera just got graphic.

The nerdtastic Juno star is kapow, wham, smacking in this teaser trailer for the hotly anticipated graphic novel adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

For the uninitiated, the story centers around a guy who falls for a funny-haired chick named Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). In order to date her, he must fight defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Needless to say, some—Captain America Chris Evans and Superman Brandon Routh, for starters—are a bit more brawny than the scrawny icon.

"Have you ever met someone you love so much it hurts?" the trailer poses.

"We all have baggage," Ramona insists.

"Well, my baggage doesn't try and kill me every five seconds," Scott Pilgrim says.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World whacks theaters on Aug. 13.


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