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A rather important elimination night it was for the ladies and gents on American Idol, as the 10 who made it out alive will be going on tour this summer.

But after Tuesday's pitch-poor performance show that made loquacious mentor Miley Cyrus look like Maria Callas, it was anyone's guess as to who was least deserving of another chance to make it right.

Paige Miles turned in one of the worst live performances the judges said they had ever heard. Vote for the Worst was calling for Tim Urban's head. Andrew Garcia made us cringe.

Really, everyone besides Crystal Bowersox was just eh. And even she's no superstar (yet). So who went home?

After butchering Phil Collins' "Against All Odds," Paige would have had to overcome some serious odds of her own to move on in the competition and, in the end, she just couldn't.

Paige Miles, American Idol

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The 24-year-old teacher called her experience the "roller coast of a lifetime," one that ended abruptly when Simon Cowell brusquely informed her that singing for her life in this case wouldn't help her one bit.

"Regardless of you singing, you're going to end up going home tonight," he said. "It's not working...We're 100 percent unanimous."

And that was that. But we're left to wonder...

Just how big is Andrew Garcia's fan base?!

Poor Katie Stevens—who at least picked a good song last night, Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry"—joined Tim and Paige in the bottom three, even though Andrew's performance of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" was excruciating.

Katie at least didn't have to sweat out the Demi Lovato-Joe Jonas duet, with Ryan Seacrest ushering her to safety (and a slot on the American Idols Live tour) barely a minute after informing her she was in danger.

Tim said that, if given another chance, he'd probably do the whole "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" thing over again, corny slide into the audience and all.

Sure, let's see him try it again next week and see what happens.


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