Nadya Suleman, Peta Octomom Ad

Paul Drinkwater/NBC; PETA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has thrown Nadya Suleman a bone.

In exchange for a "small payment," the financially strapped Octomom has agreed to post a PETA sign advocating the importance of spaying or neutering one's pets in her front yard.

Which might not be "her" yard for long, if the owner of her family's home goes through with his threat to start foreclosure proceedings.

In fact, Amer Haddadin said he was going to file the paperwork yesterday, but Suleman's attorney, Jeff Czech, tells E! News he's working to buy his client more time.

"I am currently still in negotiations with counsel for Amer Haddadin in an effort to obtain more time to refinance the balloon note," Czech said Wednesday.

According to Haddadin, the legal owner of the mortgage, Suleman's father agreed to a certain payment schedule when he agreed to buy the house and missed the balloon payment of $450,000 he was supposed to make on March 10.

So, now Nadya and her 14 kids will have a sign in their front yard reading, "Don't let your dog or cat become an 'octomom'. Always spay or neuter."

Well, it's a lot better than porn.


Speaking of creepy nicknames that stuck, find who else has his own special moniker and where it came from right here.

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