Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

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Jesse James may have gotten his. But no matter what, Sandra Bullock is keeping hers.

In what could be a triumph of the pragmatic over the romantic, E! News has learned from a source close to the on-the-outs couple that Bullock and James entered into a prenuptial agreement prior to their 2005 marriage.

"They keep everything separate," the insider says. "She has her money and he has his. They both wanted it that way."

Guess he's more of an asset man.

According to the source, the duo agreed to keep their finances and business holdings separate before tying the knot—which would make things considerably smoother should the couple eventually decide to call it quits.

Though Bullock's reps have denied reports that the Oscar winner is moving towards divorce, she would be protected should the worst case scenario come to pass.

In terms of finances, in fact, Bullock and James were self-sufficient, with the insider stressing that the actress "has never taken a dime" from any of James' businesses, including West Coast Choppers.

Even their shared homes weren't joint purchases.

Their home base in Orange County, Calif., which until last week they both resided in, belongs entirely to James.

According to property records, James and his embittered, custody-fighting ex-wife Janine Lindemulder both originally signed the deed to the property, but she sold her share to James after the divorce, leaving the inked up motorcycle man the sole owner.

Bullock, meanwhile, "has always kept her own home in the Hollywood Hills," the source says.

Among other numerous holdings, of course. Which will hopefully help her lie low for as long as she needs.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English


So who, exactly, is on Team Jesse? You asked, Answer B!tch answered. You're welcome.

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