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Would you think less of me if I told you that the best TV screeners I've seen all month were for the upcoming episodes of the CW's 90210?

If so, pretend I'm talking about Lost or The Office or something, and try to read on even if you're not a fan, 'cause although 90210 got off to a slow start, it is kicking some serious (Brazilian butt-lifted) gluteous maximus in its current second season. And it's only getting better.

Wanna know why you should consider watching again if you haven't been, and what lies ahead if you're already a fan? Here's the scoop from the episodes we've stolen a peek at—and from 90210 star Shenae Grimes...

The Best Is Yet to Come: Since AnnaLynne McCord already planted the bug in our ear about the beyond horrible thing that happens to her character, Naomi, in this season's finale, we thought we'd fill you in on what Shenae Grimes told us at Thursday night's What Goes Around Comes Around Fall Launch party.

"The finale is so shocking that you'll never see it coming," she teases. "If I say anything at all, it will just give it away. I don't want to spoil it, because it's the best episode we've put out there so far—much more jaw-dropping if it can go there." This coming from the girl whose character ran over a guy and left him for dead? Yep! "I did a hit-and-run, so you wouldn't think it could get much worse, [but] it's going to give everyone a new leaf to turn when we're back next season."

More Jasper Drama: "I am just as sick of seeing him and Annie together as everyone else is," Shenae laughed when asked if we'll ever see the last of her former beau, Jasper. "He's no good for me. He's a bad, bad influence. He's just manipulating her and blackmailing her now. I hope she smartens up soon."

Sadly, folks, that's not the case. Annie's newfound backbone will only get her so far, as Jasper's nutcase antics continue to the point of...someone possibly getting killed off?! All we can say is that Annie's ready to turn herself in for the crime that's long been haunting her, but Jasper's desire to maintain leverage will prevent her from doing so.

Jessica Lowndes Sings! Let's be honest, when audiences were introduced to Adrianna in the 90210 premiere, we were left with a little more than something to be desired. Flash-forward to the middle of season two, and Ade (and Jessica!) have captured our hearts and ears! The girl can certainly belt one out, and we'll be hearing a lot more of her vocals in coming episodes. In fact, it's her soon to be ladylove, Gia (Rumer Willis), who convinces her to share her gift with the world—or at the very least, West Beverly High.

But watch out, because her days in the chick band won't be as carefree as they initially seem. Turns out one of the members is now dating Navid (cute new coupling alert!), and Ade isn't as over him as she'd like to think. Enter Gia with her declaration of love, and all turns out well. Spoiler Alert! Navid's new GF is someone we have seen many times before around the 90210 set, just not one of the regulars. Any guesses?

Fashion Is Smashin'! Don't get us wrong, the clothes don't make the show, but it never hurts to watch gorgeous kids donning gorgeous duds. After all, this isn't high school—it's fantasy high school. Granted, they all look far older than the high schoolers they play onscreen, but the characters have really come into their own and their individual styles reflect that.

"Our characters' style has to evolve with the pages in the lives that we're turning," Shenae tells us. "I'm excited for Annie to get a little more trendy. Stop wearing babydoll dresses, because that was not a good look."

Wait, There's More: Silver and Teddy are going to keep playing the whole "I don't trust you, you don't trust me" game, then finally find some common ground and move forward with a real relationship. Ivy will continue to meddle in the Naomi and Liam twosome, but for the time being—at least the next few episodes—that couple is safe. Ryan is going to keep drinking...and drinking and drinking. Dixon's mom joins the Wilson family for a few days and throws Deb for a loop...and into the arms of another man. (Gaah!)  Plus, Dixon is desperate to become closer to his birth mother and begins what looks to be a dangerous addiction.

If you're not watching 90210, consider it. It's no Lost or Glee, and might just be soapy, CW fluff, but it's fun and witty and reminds us of the glory days of the WB's best teen dramas.

—Additional reporting by Sarah Knight and Dan Wally


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