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The "biggest little city in the world" isn't big enough for the Ivanka Trump Fan Blog.

Reno, Nev., police have arrested the author of said blog devoted to Donald Trump's lovely daughter and booked him on suspicion of stalking.

The warrant for Justin Massler's arrest originated in New York, where Trump lives most of the time, though he's only accused of being creepy via the Internet and not in person.

Randee Massler, the suspect's mom, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that her son was in town visiting her when police caught up with him Tuesday afternoon.

"He is sick and has a history of mental illness," Randee Massler said. "He never harmed anyone and hasn't done anything other than write articles on the Internet. He hasn't come anywhere close to Ivanka Trump. He's like a 10-year-old who has a crush on a movie star."

A 10-year-old with a crush and a website. Massler, who his mom says legally changed his name to Cloud Stormchaser because he thought his real identity is just a character, authored the Ivanka Trump Fan Blog, in which he described the model and businesswoman as an "awe inspiring object like nothing else in our Universe."

In the most recent post, dated Feb. 25, he wrote that he would sometimes telepathically try to connect with Ivanka, "or pray that by chance she would walk out of Trump Tower and head right towards me and we would hit it off and become the best of friends."

As of yesterday, New York police were en route to Reno to transfer Massler into their custody.

Trump tied the knot with publisher Jared Kushner in October and they're currently traveling the world. The Celebrity Apprentice advisor tweeted from Jerusalem earlier today.


The more celebrity weddings the merrier, we always say!

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