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Riddle me this, TV watchers. What is better than a show that constantly keeps you guessing? How about a show that actually gives you some freaking answers? Wouldn't that be a sight to see! Well, look no further, because when FlashForward returns with the first of 12 new episodes tonight, you'll be getting just that: answers.

Take that, Lost! (I kid.)

We just hit the FlashForward set and learned that you might want to give this show a second chance. Here's why...

For starters, insiders tell me that ABC still very much believes in FlashForward and is sparing no expense on this second half of the season, going so far as to splurge on a live orchestra to accompany each episode. (Pretty much unheard of in TV, save for that island show mentioned above, and before that, Alias.) Plus, there's that shift in show runners, the addition of Battlestar Galactica's James Callis (Gaius) and…the answers!

"How and why did this happen? Who's the dude in the stadium? Is John Cho gonna live? And who's that shirtless dude on the couch?" Jack Davenport (Lloyd) teases. "All of those things will obviously be answered. They have to be or people would be pissed. I would be!"

"We do reveal suspect zero," Michael Ealy, who plays new guy Marshall Vogel, says. "When you see it all unfold, it's crazy." The word crazy popped up a lot as the cast described what's to come. The other favorite? Interesting. John Cho uses it often when talking about what's next for his character, Demetri.

"Some very interesting stuff (coming up) with Gabrielle Union and some very interesting stuff with Christine Woods," Cho teases when asked what's ahead for his character. "Demetri and Janis. I will leave that there," he says mysteriously. John will also get his fair share of action in the second half of the season, and he loves to rub it in people's faces.

"You know who I call every time I do an action scene? I call the writer of Harold and Kumar. I'm like, 'Just so you know, this is what Harold did today." As for his reaction to the reveal on the stadium character: "I was shocked. He's played by Kal Penn," he deadpans. Don't worry, he's kidding. Or did I miss a flash forward to White Castle?

"Brian O'Byrne's storyline gets really crazy!" John adds. "Everyone has a major twist coming up. Every last person." Which includes Olivia, played by the beautiful Sonya Walger. She tells us she meets a "strange character who knows an awful lot about her future". That stranger is played by James Callis, and it turns out he has had multiple flash-forwards. "He becomes this very intriguing and elusive character to her and incredibly important to the investigation," Sonya adds.

No character is left unexplored in the second half of FlashForward's first season. We'll get to learn about Simon's (Dominic Monaghan) family life. Janis is dead set on having a baby. And Mark (Joseph Fiennes) and Olivia go to a "dark place" in their marriage.

"We've only just got to the point where we've set everything up," Jack explains. "In the second half of the season, the excitement builds exponentially week after week with reveals, explanations, complications. If you want answers, come back. If you don't, go somewhere else!"

Are you on board for the return of FlashForward? Can it be saved? Discuss amongst yourselves down below, and tune in Thursday on ABC.


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