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After months of being the talk of the town—for all the best reasons, mind you—The Blind Side's Sandra Bullock is suddenly facing a harsher reality. The Oscar winner (as well as Critics Choice and Golden Globe darling) was living the good life, but when has H'wood ever let you revel in your success for too long?

Today, news broke that S.B. was backing out of the London premiere of her blockbuster hit, and the usually under-the-radar star had her alleged dirty-laundry aired all over the tabs. At least one of which claims that hubby Jesse James has been not entirely set with Sandy for quite some time.

So what's the deal with this duo?

Hard to say, exactly, at this point. Sandy has stayed mum on her reasons for ditching the red carpet event, only cryptically blaming "personal reasons." But it's clear that something is going amiss in S.B.'s private life.

When we gabbed with Sandra backstage at the Oscars earlier this month, the couple was quite, well, awkward to say the least. Jesse, who hovered to the side during Sandy's tour de press room, couldn't help but be embarrassed as his wife verbally slobbered over another man.

Hardly a June Cleaver moment, right?

Now, we're not trying to drum up speculation of a Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds affair—'cause, as far as we're concerned, the comic duo are totally plutonic. But could the moment have been a sign of drama to come?

We're used to the usual costar gushing, but Sandy seemed particularly set on making sure the entire room of reporters heard their share about Ryan's ripped abs—and in front of her fellow, no less. We don't blame the dude for feeling down in the dumps over his wifey's raving of a nude R2—we'd feel incompetent as hell too.

We totally heart Sandra and wish her the best no matter what is happening behind closed doors. The seemingly odd couple worked for us and we're hoping they'll stick it out in the long run—at least for their pooch Cinnabun.


No matter what happens, Sandra always looks good. Check out the Fashion Spotlight: Sandra Bullock gallery.

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