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There's no shame in begging—and begging and begging—right?

If you happen to be American Idol castoff Todrick Hall, the answer is obviously no. "I'm making it my personal job now to be my own campaign manager to get myself a role on Glee," Todrick confidently informed reporters Friday afternoon of his post-show plans.

It may not sound like begging yet, but wait, there's more...

"I would be perfect for that show, so every time somebody asks me what I'm doing now, I'm telling everyone that I would love, love, love to be the next cast member on Glee," Todrick continued. "That's the perfect show for me and the reason I came on American Idol, to hopefully take the platform and do something else with it."

To really understand his Gleeky dreams, we need to take you back to the beginning, when Simon Cowell made one of his usual jokes, and Toddrick ran with it.

"The other night Simon said, 'You look like you're doing American Idol: The Musical,' and then Randy Jackson chimed in and said, 'Glee!'" He's even enlisting the help of another judge in his quest for more Fox stardom.

"I said something to Ellen DeGeneres about it and now she's helping promote the fact that I should be on Glee on her TV show. That's amazing."

But listen guys, Todrick (kinda) totally knows how presumptuous all of this sounds and had some comforting words to leave you with. "I wouldn't be pushing myself for the role if I didn't think I'd do a good job at it. It's perfect for me, and anything is possible at this point."

We're not sure this "role" he speaks of currently exists, but the guy can definitely dream, and if we're being completely honest, he'd probably be a great addition to Glee.

No word yet on whether Ryan Murphy is jumping at Todrick's offer, but we're staying tuned. Do you think the Idol eliminee is worthy of Gleekdom or should he stick to Broadway?


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