Last season's The Bachelor may, like Abraham Lincoln, now belong to the ages, but that won't stop us from catching up on the post-show antics of reality lovebirds Jake and Vienna. Aren't we lucky?

Watch them splash water on each other! Watch them eat spaghetti! Watch yourself throw up after watching this! Yet somehow, Joel makes it all fun.

Wendy Williams needs no help in that department. When she trots out her personal fright wigs and wears two at once her sea serpent look keeps the chuckles flowin'.

And speaking of laughter, non-stop Tool Academy crybaby Angelo has the waterworks on full again. And it's a riot!

There's more where this came from, kids, so check out your new Soup tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Can't get high if ya just walk by!


Can't wait 'til then for a fix o' fun? You can always score something in the Soup blog video gallery.

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