V, Elizabeth Mitchell, Logan Huffman


V: If you're still up in the air (no pun intended!) about tuning back into ABC's sci-fi thriller when it returns at the end of the month, the Los Angeles Times Show Tracker's chat with V boss Scott Rosenbaum might just entice you to watch. "There will be three or four huge, oh-my-God, wow...I-didn't-see-that-coming [moments]," he promises. Plus, big things to come between Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell). "Those two are...circling each other, looking for each other's weaknesses and then—boom—the fight happens." Alright, twist our arm, we're in!

Dying to own a piece of Parks and Recreation, or hoping to showcase your skills on America's Got Talent? Here's how...

Parks and Recreation: Remember earlier this year when the P-Rex crew competed to make the new city mural design? And remember Tom's brilliant rendition of some shapes? Now you can bid on the autographed piece from Crafts for a Cause. (Thanks for tweeting this bit of goodness @azizansari.)

America's Got Talent: AGT starts shooting live shows across the nation starting in Los Angeles this Friday. And if you still think you have some crazy, undiscovered talent, you can send your videos here.

30 Rock: Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudekis sure looks snazzy in a tuxedo, don't ya think? Is Liz Lemon's one true love Floyd back to sweep her off her feet—and into a wedding gown, perhaps?—or might he be tying the knot on his own? We'll be sure to get back to you on the topic.


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