Gabourey Sidibe, JC Chasez

Courtesy of Mark Davis/PictureGroup

We reported earlier this week that Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe was uber-excited to attend by a taping of America's Best Dance Crew on Tuesday night.

No, the Precious star wasn't interested in learning some new hip-hop dance moves. The bubbly babe went to meet longtime crush and ABDC judge JC Chasez, and she told us she was mucho hopeful that he may have possibly heard of her.

So did the former 'N Sync-er know who she was?

Turns out he did—duh.

G.S. couldn't believe it when she found out that JC was just as excited to meet her as she was to meet him. We, on the other hand, totally believe it—she was nominated for about the biggest award ever (in the same category as Meryl Streep, no less).

"Wow, what kind of world do I live in now!" Gabby gushed, pinching herself when she heard the news.

Get used to it, honey. When you've got the likes of Oprah invested in your career, you can expect to be around for quite awhile.

Gabourey showed off some flashy dance moves for JC and the audience, and nobody could get enough of the adorable "it girl." We can't, either.

It's refreshing to have someone in H'wood who actually seems happy to be here.

Hey, if Gabby is ushering in a new wave of young stars (despite what Vanity Fair says), then we've all got something to dance about.


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