Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, W Cover

Steven Klein/W Magazine

Was anyone else a little surprised that Jennifer Aniston didn't show up at the Oscars or afterparties to promote herself and that new Bounty Hunter movie à la the Golden Globes or last year's Academy Awards? Maybe Gerard Butler told her he couldn't be her maybe boyfriend this time around; he's got other ladies to grind.

Whatever the case, the two are back together on the latest cover of W. They kept it relatively clean for the Steven Klein spread where he plays a sexy cop and she's a sexy criminal and they pose in the desert sexily.

The fashion mag has yet to release the article, so it's totally possible Jen and Ger confess their undying love for each other. For now, all we know is...

Jen's hair was dirty (gasp!) for the shoot. "Yeah, we left her hair dirty. It just created a nice chunky texture," her hairstylist said. "She's someone for whom her hair doesn't wear her, she wears it."

Fascinating Jennifer Aniston hair analysis! But we prefer dating news when it comes to the actress.


Jen might not have shown up to the Oscars, but a lot of other pretty ladies did, and the Fashion Police were there to judge them.

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