Nicole Kidman, George Clooney

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We uncorked an 80-proof scoop Sunday and the party's on!

Too much fun at the Oscars Sunday when we exclusively revealed that silver stud-muffin George Clooney likes to get his Academy-Award courage up by downing a few! Love that Gawker, a site we admire for being so painstakingly prickly about celeb behavior and media reportage, further drank of the intoxicating story, with fabulous footage, watch it!

We also mention the story again because one of other Oscar-weekend wonders, the preposterously over-dressed, Nicole Kidman, apparently got called into question by several readers who noticed Nic flew to Australia this past weekend, so, we must have been making the whole thing up, right?

Wrong. Kidman lunched at the Polo Lounge on Friday, before she departed. Nice try, crank-a-thons!

Also, for those of you who doubted nicey-pants Clooney couldn't have possibly hauled booze onto the Oscar red-carpet, Gawker, the no-bs site, known for calling famous folks on dubious behavior, reconfirmed our tale about Mr. C.'s unconventional imbibing. Gawker linked to the fab Popsugar, which ran the original footage of GC showing off his liquid courage to celeb reporter Jeanne Wolf on the Oscar red carpet this past Sunday. Love that AT broke it all first! Woo-hoo.

Just thought we'd re-celebrate Ms. K's kooky couture and Mr. C.s's rebel-tastic ways with another item here, plus, put in a word for our goss accuracy, which folks live to question. Whatever. People have to get off somehow, right?

Hate-gasms sure seem to be the choice lately.


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