We love watching Matt Damon bulk up and kick some butt! And he'll be doing plenty of it in his new Iraq war flick, Green Zone, directed by his Bourne series coconspirator Paul Greengrass.

It's based on a true story, and Greengrass loves to go for authenticity, so Damon dishes to Daily 10's Ben Lyons about working with real vets and why this isn't just Bourne Goes to Bagdad. "We wanted to take our audience who like those movies and kinda step over the line into the real world," he says.

Damon also brings up the possibility of another collaboration with BFF Ben Affleck. With plenty of acting and writing (and some directing) under their belts since the Good Will Hunting days, does the hunky duo have a comeback plan?

Check out the clip to hear what Matt tells Ben, about the other Ben, Green Zone and even his kids, awww!


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