They aren't vampires in real life, they just play them on TV. But hot damn, they can still charm you!

That's all I can say after meeting up with the cast of The Vampire Diaries, who are quite…mesmerizing. And news flash: The producers want to get Joshua Jackson on board, too! Can one show handle that much hotness?

So what did Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have to say about their on-camera love triangle? And what did Ian dish about his return to Lost?  Read on for the scoop on that and other shows, like Glee, Smallville and more...

Helen in Oregon: I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries! Is it true that Damon and Elena are going to hook up?

You can see what the cast had to say at the recent Paley Festival Vampire Diaries event in the videos above and below. Executive Producer Julie Plec also told me that we'll see more of a connection between Damon and Elena as they "share a deeper bond and explore their friendship" (hmmm!), and Damon will be quite the wounded soul for a while. "Finding out that Katherine has not wanted to be with him for more than a hundred years really bruised his ego," Julie says.

That said, Elena will absolutely stay with Stefan if Paul has anything to say about it. "That's not even a remote option to think otherwise," Paul tells me. "I think that there's no other place for him [than to be with Elena]." And Nina agrees: "It makes more sense for Elena to be with Stefan because he's not a killer and he's not evil and they complement each other. And Damon is just so all over the place--you never know what he's going to do at any given time...that's not what Elena is." Which team are you on? Team Damon? Team Stefan? Team Elena? Team Katherine? Team I don't care I just can't wait for TVD to return on March 25 at 8 p.m.? (I pick the last one!)

George in New Hampshire: Any news on Fringe or Friday Night Lights or The Vampire Diaries?
Ta-daaah! I give you all three. Vampire Diaries boss Julie Plec told me she'd love to get "Pacey" (Joshua Jackson, holler!) over to Mystic Falls--if by chance somehow his schedule happened to open up. (She worked with him on Dawson's Creek.) But curses for her and awesomeness for us Fringe fans: It got an early pickup! So Josh, for the time being, may be too busy to guest on TVD, but Julie is working on it. She also told me, "I'd love to have Taylor Kitsch or anyone from Friday Night Lights," so this girl is so after my own heart it's not even funny. Perhaps Paul and Taylor can have an ab-off for no real storyline purposes whatsoever than they "lose" their shirts? Hey, if ABC can show Bachelor Jake sudsing his abs for 10 minutes, why not TVD?

Laura in Clearwater, Fla.: Is there any chance of a Gilmore Girls reunion show? I so loved that show and really miss Lorelai and Rory.
From what I hear, it's highly doubtful that will happen, but I'm supposed to hit the Parenthood set this week (the interviews keep getting pushed back), and I'll see if Lauren Graham will tell me anything! By the way, what did you all think of the show? Got any questions? Comment below.

Monica in Los Angeles: I'm going to miss Lacey Schwimmer and Karina Smirnoff on Dancing With the Stars! Do you know if they're pissed that they won't be on?
Karina just told us she has no hard feelings. "Oh, no! I love the show. I'm going to watch it, even if I'm not going to watch it directly, I'll definitely TiVo it. That's what TiVo is for." And she said she plans to return after this season. "I'm definitely going to come back. I'm definitely going to be a part of the show. It's got a great place in my heart." And like the rest of America, her money is on Nicole Scherzinger (the Pussycat Doll who clearly has more dance experience than all the other contestants combined). "I'm a big fan of the Pussycat Dolls. I think Nicole is gorgeous, she's got the body, she's got the personality to back it up." Karina also thinks Evan Lysacek will go far.

Wallace: Any word on whether One Tree Hill or Life Unexpected will get another season?
My sources are telling me it's most likely that only one will survive, but that it looks like nothing will be announced until the upfronts in New York in May (when the networks announce all their fall schedules). I saw Dawn Ostroff at The Vampire Diaries event Saturday night and wanted to ask, but she slipped into the night all Damon-like. Boo! Oh, and a reminder on Life Unexpected: It moves to 8 p.m. tonight (Monday) on the CW. Check it out if you haven't yet!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Michelle Trachtenberg

Humberto Carreno/

Deirdre: Any scoop on Gossip Girl?
Georgina has found something even bigger than Bible camp: Bleach! When we ran into her in NYC recently, she said this of her upcoming role on GG: "There's definitely going to be some stalking. There's gonna be a few changes to Georgina's appearance, so you'll have to tune in and see if you can recognize me." When we guessed she was going blond, M.T. just said, "I don't know," but from the looks of this new photo we just nabbed of her, I fear she may be going Single White Female on Serena's ass. Run for you life, "S"!

Trudy in New York: Please, anything on Lost!
Check back for scoop from Damon and Carlton in tomorrow night's Lost Redux! But for now I can tell you we will meet Richard Alpert's (Nestor Carbonell) wife. (Yes, he has or had a missus!) Also, Zuleikha Robinson teases this of her character, Ilana: "There is a lot going on and yes, there will be some answers soon. I think the character is really interesting and she's definitely an important part of the group." We'll also see her interacting with Richard. Place your bets now!

Wendy: Is it confirmed what you said, that Ian Somerhalder will be seen on Lost again?
Yes, and see what he says about it in the video clip at top. He's hoping to meet up with Maggie Grace, and wants a better ending for Boone. Don't. We. All. (Maybe in the flash-sideways 'verse he and Shannon aren't step-related and can be together? Too weird? Yeah, probably.)

Maureen in Boston: You need to give more scoop on One Tree Hill! What's happening coming up?
I'm hearing Haley is going to go into severe depression following her mom's death. Sadness.

Cory Monteith, Twitter

Austin in Chino: Has Neil Patrick Harris shot his guest spot on Glee yet? What will he play?
He's shooting it as we speak! Check out the photo above that Cory Monteith just tweeted of their chairs next to each other on set. Awwesome! And Jessalyn Gilsig tells me: "It's great, because people can really see how talented he is." I think the secret's already out, sister! As for what Neil is playing, word on the street is that both he and Molly Shannon are part of a "Glee Club Survivors Club." Hilarious, no?

Mauricio: I love Glee! I heard Justin Timberlake may be guest starring.
It's just too much goodness is it not!? Sources aren't commenting yet but Jessalyn tells me she's also heard the word that Justin may be guest starring. "I heard that today, but not from a particularly official source. It seems like every day there's somebody new who wants to come work with us, so we're particularly excited." Lea Michele also told me at the Golden Globes that J.T. is the one guest star she'd love to have, just so he can have a dance-off with Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison). I'm so on board with that!

Kristin in Playa del Rey, Calf.: New episodes of Modern Family are as awesome as a dog butler. Please give me some scoop!
Dog butlers are not awesome! I am with Gloria (Sofia Vergara) on that one. Speaking of people who look hot in a dress on Modern Family, someone will find themselves wearing just that in an upcoming episode. And it's definitely not one of the female castmembers. That same episode also features one of the best character pairings I've seen so far: Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Gloria! They're hitting the town, and it turns into an awkward, sweaty but touching evening for both. "Try and contain yourself," Eric teases. "I've been looking forward to people seeing that one. It's very funny."

Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Smallville

The CW

James from Atlanta: Have you heard if we finally get Lois for all 22 episodes of Smallville season 10?
Details of Erica Durance's contact for next season are still up in the air, but I have it on good authority that we will "probably" see Lois "more than usual" on Smallville next year.

Hamilton in Brentwood, Tenn.: Is this Chloe's last season on Smallville?
All I can tell you is that there is no deal yet for Allison Mack to return to Smallville next year. That could change at any time, but nothing so far...

Ruth in Boise, Idaho: Is it true Gil Bellows is coming to Smallville? I loved him on Ally McBeal!
Yes, he is, and he is still evil (though not because of a brain tumor this time--sigh, remember those days?!). He's playing Maxwell Lord for two episodes this season, per my sources. Hey, maybe he can go replace Rob Lowe on Brothers & Sisters and be Calista's new squeeze?

Kat in Milton, Wisc.: OK, so this is probably a false rumor, but I'm going to ask about it anyway. The rumor is that we will see Jo, Bela and Ruby all making an appearance in Supernatural's big 100th episode. If you could confirm this rumor or salt and burn it for us, we would greatly appreciate it.
An inside source tells me there will be "no special people" in Supernatural's 100th episode. So...crisis averted?

Rebecca: How about some 90210 scoop please!
Soitenly! I'm hearing that Dixon and Ivy are going to fake-date to make Liam jealous, but Dixon is going to start having some feelings for Ivy. Oh, the tangled web young love can weave!

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Justin Lubin/NBC

Melanie in Omaha, Neb.: Anything on Parks & Recreation? It's pretty much my favorite comedy in the world right now!
There will be a marriage proposal on the show before the end of the season. Any guesses who? In other P-Rex news, a source tells me Rob Lowe's character very well may be a love interest for Rashida Jones' Ann. If so, here's hoping Andy (Chris Pratt) gives him a shiner--and I'm not talking shoeshine. Rob's too pretty boy for her!

Robyn in Port St Lucie, Fla.: I am loving White Collar. Any Kate spoilers you have would be great! Thanks!
Kate's back in tomorrow night's season finale, but if you want to see her, keep your eyes peeled, because her appearance is blink-and-you'll-miss-her...and that is very intentional.

Caitlin in Mackinaw City, Mich.: Any news on the Psych season finale?
James Roday
cowrote tomorrow night's Psycho-themed outing, and if you are a Hitchcock fan of any measure you will get a huge kick out of the episode. That said, if you are a Shawn-Juliet fan, you might find the episode a little frustrating, since Juliet has all her big emotional scenes with Lassie and not with Shawn. Oh well, at least Timothy Omundson and Maggie Lawson do amazing work together.

Penny in New London, Conn.: Kristin, I need True Blood scoop!
Great news for you Jessica-Hoyt fans! HBO hasn't responded to request for comment, but I've heard that plans are under way to create a series of Jessica-centric (Deborah Ann Woll) webisodes in support of the upcoming season three. The webisodes will tell the story of what happens when Bill's little baby vamp goes out into the big wide world on her own. Will she eat everybody? Will she be eaten? Tune in to find out!

Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, The Office

Justin Lubin/NBC

Deirdre: I was so happy with the Jim and Pam baby episode on The Office! Do you know if we get to see that darling baby again soon?
"Well, typically, when a baby is born, it doesn't change very much in most people's lives," Jam costar Ed Helms teases, adding that they're going to be great parents. "Yes. I mean, come on. They're like the people that everyone wants to be married to or hang out with. And that includes babies." Awww! Even other people's babies! (I died.)

Andrew in Culver City, Calif.: I know it's a ways away, but any news on Entourage? It's my favorite.
Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) will recover pretty quickly from his breakup with Jamie-Lynn Soprano Sigler. He meets a cute (albeit) assistant working on the set of Vince's new postapocalyptic feature and sparks fly. Production on Entourage season seven begins later this month, and new episodes will premiere this summer.

Harris in Florida: Any Legend of the Seeker scoop?
Just because Jolene Blalock got all blowed up doesn't mean we've seen the last of Sister Nicci. Producers are recasting the part for the Legend of the Seeker season-two finale. 

Lisa in Carmel, Calif.: Kristin, can you fuel my Thomas Jane addiction with some Hung scoop?
Ray Decker (Thomas Jane) will be doing a little networking this season--look for him to connect with some superskanky Detroit streetwalkers when Hung returns later this year. No word yet if he "connects" with said superskanks.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Jenna Mullins

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