Steve Lillywhite? You may not know the name, but you definitely have heard one of the classic albums he's produced.

And now the Englishman, who helped guide the sound of such iconic acts as U2, Simple Minds, Talking Heads, Psychedelic Furs, Morrissey, Dave Matthews Band and Phish, is making a play to take over for Simon Cowell's seat on American Idol when the acerbic judge steps down at the end of this season.

Lillywhite has taken his campaign to YouTube to explaing what he could bring to the talent show.

For starters, like Cowell, the Grammy-winning Lillywhite's got a great accent (and a sense of humor); he also discovered U2 and produced eight of the band's albums ("I have spent 30 years telling Bono what to do so I can be firm!"); and Lillywhite knows good tunes when he hears 'em, like producing 30 Seconds to Mars' current chart-topping alternative hit.

Wonder what he thinks of "Pants on the Ground."


Get the latest scoop on Simon Cowell's non-engagement here.

Replacing Simon Cowell On Idol Poll
So does Lillywhite have the right scowl to pass judgment on wannabe popsters?
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