Lindsay Lohan


So much for that fancy title.

As quickly as Emanuel Ungaro was to bestow Lindsay Lohan as an artistic advisor, they've been even quicker to dismiss her.

Under the actress' wandering watchful eye, the fashion house debuted its inaugural collection last October in Paris to major pans. There were sequined pasties and critics called it a "bad joke" and "cheesy and dated."

So what was the starlet going to put on the runway this season? In a word, nothing.

Lindsay was a no-show at the Paris Fashion Week presentation Monday morning.

"She's not involved in this collection," Ungaro owner Asim Abdullah told Women's Wear Daily backstage before the show. She declined any further comment.

LiLo found herself in a bit of hot water earlier in the week when she arrived to Dior too late to claim her seat in the front row.


New York's Fall Fashion Week was decidedly less dramatic. Check it out in our Runway Rundown gallery!

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