As the world gathers its collective clam dip and cases of cheap champagne in preparation for the bloated mother of all award shows that is the Oscars, discerning award show fans—meaning you, of course—needn't wait until Sunday night for the good times.

Yes, tonight marks yet another edition of The Soup Awards, the only trophy show that matters.

And to prove it, major talents Seth Green and Rachel Leigh Cook dropped in on Joel to help dole out the coveted tin can (aka The Canny) in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Being a Tool or Valedictoolian.

Will a blubbering dude or sex-happy skank take home the prize? Prepare to be shocked!

Don't miss the whole extravaganza tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And don't forget the clam dip.


Heck, why wait until then for more laughs? Dip into the Soup blog video gallery now!

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