Brooklyn's Finest, Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes

2010 Brooklyn's Finest Productions, Inc.

Review in a Hurry: The lives of three troubled law enforcement officers intersect in another tale of crime and corruption in NYC. But the A-list cast can't elevate Brooklyn's Finest into something that's more than just OK. Though it's nice to see Wesley Snipes back on the big screen!

The Bigger Picture: With Ethan Hawke playing a corrupt cop, Don Cheadle a not-so-undercover cop and Richard Gere a suicidal cop, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua aims to elevate the cops n' dealers genre to Heat-like heights. But the script by first timer Michael C. Martin delivers trite dialogue that makes this sound more like a poetry slam. These tough guys are a touchy-feely bunch.

But that doesn't diminish the death count. Finest is every bit as bloody and violent as Training Day. In particular, Hawke's character constantly robs drug dealers, leaving an endless tally of corpses. Fuqua has a talent for bloody montages, but after a while all that blood loss makes you feel woozy.

In an overly familiar set-up, the film takes place over seven days, as the three leads must make a decision that will alter the lives of those they care about. And while they all seem to work in the same Brooklyn precinct, they never acknowledge one other's existence. We get it. They are all "connected" by their guilt and frustration.

The one shining bright spot is Snipes, who makes it clear that he still has it. As an old drug kingpin who's recently been paroled, the actor is menacing, weathered and charming as hell. His talent has been missed onscreen.

The 180—a Second Opinion: Fuqua might have missed the mark with this one, but kudos for hiring at least three (that we spotted) actors from HBO's awesome series The Wire. Now that's a crime drama!


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