Blind Vice

You didn't think we forgot about one of our yummy Blind Vice favorites, did you? No, not Toothy Tile, but third time's the charm for Nevis Divine. He's back and skankier than ever!

Nevis, the undeniably sexy hunk with a bisexual past, has had a few serious and not-so-serious relationships recently.

Only problem? He can't decide whether his beard or ex-boyfriend is the perfect fit for him...

Introducing Barrington Bang-Me, an equally charming fellow, as well as an ex to the simply sinfully delicious Mister Divine.

Barrington is the same boyfriend Nevis was holding hands with and introducing around to Industry folks at a swanky party not too long ago. No shame for this boy-on-boy love story! That is, until ND started to get uber famous, leaving his less recognizable beau in the dust.

Sounds eerily like Toothy and Grey Goose, except Nevis and Barrington are far more open about their still ongoing relaysh. Probably a good thing, too, don't you think? With that much booze, dope and nice donk involved?

Yes, B & N are certainly still doing it on the down low, which makes us question whether Nevis' leading lady is getting in on the threesome action. Or if she's just totally cool with her boy's wandering eye.

We're told it's the latter. 'Cause one thing's for sure: Nevis and Barrington aren't hiding from said girlfriend. Oh no, Nevy will still screw whomever he wants, blurring all kinds of gender barriers.

And, clearly, Nevis is headed for rehab, eventually. Wonder which babe he'll choose once his head clears up?

And it Ain't: Austin Nichols, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick


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