Lindsay Lohan

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As much as it physically pains us to say it, Lindsay Lohan is back in the DJ booth.

At least when she and Samantha Ronson were swapping saliva (amongst other things, we're sure), we didn't have to suffer LiLo's pathetic disc jockey daydreams. Now she's back on the turntables and we can't help but notice she looks as disappointed as we are. Maybe she was just bummed to discover the club didn't have her "hit" song "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" on file?

So what's the legendary loon up to between sets?

Making a tour-de-force of Europe.

As much as we'd like to say the rehab enthusiast got some sort of special celeb deportation, it looks like Linds is abroad on her own free will.

First, Lindsay jetted to Milan where she does what she does best. 'Tho, on second thought, possibly the only thing she knows how to do. Party.

The brunette broad strutted the red carpet during fashion week, pouting her puss and biting her finger in that not-so-sexy way she loves to do for the waiting photogs, then made sure to hit up the post-party, duh.

Lohan seemed so busy stirring up the Milan social scene, we're surprised she had time to douse the Italian paps in Red Bull and water for, you know, "invading her privacy." L.L., for someone who is only relevant because of the paparazzi, you're coming off as quite ungrateful.

Following her stint in Europe's boot, Linds continued her late-night masquerade in London, where it seems her deejay behavior is not only accepted but encouraged. LiLo manned the ones and twos at the Nokia X6 Launch Party. Boy, what a treat for those clubgoers. After her set, Linds chatted with fellow attendee Boy George. Hmmm, we wonder what those two would ever possibly have to talk about?

Most recently, Lindsay was spotted trying to stay "incognito" in a low pulled hat and large shades as she strolled the streets of old England, cackling away on her cell phone between puffs of endless cigarettes.

Hey, Linds, you seem so happy on your U.K. vaca—why not consider making it a permanent move?


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