Sarah Palin

Joseph Connolly/Getty Images

Who knew that when Jay Leno asked Sarah Palin about her future TV plans, she had current TV plans!

The politico-at-large and Fox News contributor has teamed with Survivor creator Mark Burnett to shop a docudrama featuring a "planet-Earth-type look" at her home state of Alaska, reports.

We'll assume "planet-Earth-type look" refers to the acclaimed Discovery Channel series, and not what Palin would like her series to be like if it were about a place on Earth.

EW's sources have Team Palin-Burnett meeting with Fox honchos yesterday, ABC and CBS today and NBC Universal tomorrow.

So, are you eager to take a look at Alaska through Sarah Palin's $400 specs?


It wasn't all business for Sarah Palin in Hollywood today! Check out what else she did!

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