Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox

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Megan Fox really wants you to believe she's the shy and maternal girl next door (like so many of her pals keep telling us, too).

Case and point? She's not easy! Meg tells Harpers Bazaar UK that she's only slept with two men in her life.

Um, does that include...

Robert Pattinson?

Can't wait to see the hate on the comment boards for bringing this up again, but if you remember a year or so back we were told by a source on set of Megan's film Jennifer's Body that Fox was blabbing to folks that she "hooked up" with Rob.

So, what does this "two" business mean? Since Brian Austin Green clearly nabs one of these spots—knowing what we do—here comes some multiple choice fun...

A)  Rob may be mysterious No. 2.

B)  "Hooked up" may not have meant sex. Spot No. 2 is open!

C)  Two?! Yeah right! We need to remember the cardinal rule of "add 3" to whatever sex-number someone tells you.

D)  We're still looney-tunes and Rob and Megan never happened.

Say what you will, but we still totally have faith in our insider, though the term "hook up" is a bit fuzzy, no matter who you are.

You know what? We don't care either way. Everyone knows we totally adore Megan, crazy or tame. And Rob's with Kristen now. Right? It's water under the slutty bridge.

Any babe who so isn't a product of the Hollywood PR machine and says what she feels (even if it is just to mess with the media) is more than welcome here.

That's why we heart Megan, and Kristen for that matter.


Megan Fox has many moods. Horny must not be one, then

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