Parenthood Cast

NBC Photo: Art Streiber

Don't worry about that title up there: We're not trying to knock you up or anything!

What we are trying to do is inspire you to watch NBC's new series Parenthood, starring Lauren Graham and Peter Krause (and all those other pretty faces pictured above), which premieres tonight.

We caught up with this hugely talented cast to dig into whether this show is really worth anyone's time.  So is Parenthood a must see? Heck yes! And here's why...

1. Lauren Graham: We've loved her for years and—Spoiler Alert!—we love her on Parenthood. As a slightly slower-talking (but still witty and endearing) mother of two, she steals every scene. "I'm having one of the best times ever," Lauren gushes about her latest gig. "I chose this job because it was such a classy group, and even at its worst, we still have a good time."

Lauren even loves her new TV fam. "There are a lot of moments with Craig—he's really smart, really special. I love working with Dax [Shepard]. It's really been fun. I love my TV kids, and Peter Krause is awesome."

2. Peter Krause: Flashback to the first scene of Six Feet Under, which begins with Peter jogging. From that moment on, we knew Peter was TV gold. Flash forward to tonight's Parenthood which begins with Peter jogging. Coincidence? Superstition? Foreshadowing an incredibly successful show? We went straight to the source to pitch our theory, and here's what Peter tells us: "It's a coincidence, but I'll take it! I'd love to see Parenthood be a success."

Peter's Parenthood performance is wonderful, and it's worth tuning in simply to see the emotional struggle between two generations of fathers—his character and Craig T. Nelson's war-veteran Braverman patriarch.

3. The family vibe: Aside from Life Unexpected, Parenthood is the closest thing to a functional family you'll find on TV today. The entire ensemble cast is more than believable as a group of at-odds family members who always end up finding exactly what they need at home.

"Thomas Schlamme, the director, set this out to be something different where characters will always be in the background," Sam Jaeger (who plays Erica Christensen's husband) tells us. "We always feel the rest of the family in any scene. So it really feels like every episode is a family reunion." Adds Peter: "This is a very happy departure for me from Dirty Sexy Money. It's about family, like that show was, but this is more about your average everyday family," Peter explains.

4. The cutest kids around: Savannah Paige Rae and Max Burkholder play the youngest Braverman's in the bunch, and steal each and every scene they're in. We recently chatted with Max, who plays Peter and Monica Potter's son (who may have Asperger's), and he explained what it's like taking on such an intense role at such a young age.

Explains Max: "It's very challenging, but at the same time it's exciting! I've done some [Asperger's] research online and every couple of episodes the executive producer and the director gives ideas on what I might be doing."

5. Because we told you we loved it back in December: Remember our Top 10 TV Premieres in 2010 from a few months ago? Well, Parenthood was one of them...and it still is. With Friday Night Lights show runner Jason Katims steering this ship, it should be headed for greatness.

Parenthood premieres at 8 p.m. on NBC. Will you be watching? Sound off below. And after you watch, feel free to come back here and let us know what you think.


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