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"I don't know, I, it's been a while since I've been on the Eclipse set so you're asking me to reach back."

—Notorious jokester Peter Facinelli, Sunday at the Milk & Bookies fundraiser. We chatted about whether or not the media and fan interest in Robsten makes it more stressful on-set.

Hey, if it's not an automatic "hell yes" maybe it's not as bad as we think in Robstenland. Somehow that's doubtful, though.

The whole friggin' world wonders whether Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are or are not dating (the answer is obvious to us) so we can only image trying to work around that.

The entire crew will be back for Breaking Dawn (aimed to start filming in November) and somehow we predict the paparazzi lenses and fan curiosity are only going to escalate by then. Think if Robsten just 'fessed up about their relaysh all of the prying would go away? We understand the need for privacy but almost feel as if coming clean would make the whole thing less of a big to-do.

Don't you?


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