"He's kind of a playah!" So says Rainn Wilson of his alter ego on The Office, who is getting ready for—boo-yah!—"multiple" new love interests.

Say wha? So is one of them Angela?

Rainn told me this at yesterday's Milk and Bookies charitable celebration in Los Angeles, while Greg Grunberg and Peter Facinelli talked Lost and Twilight, and Jennifer Garner was pretty stinkin' adorable reading to kids.

Here's the skinny...

First off, you should check out Milk and Bookies right here at milkandbookies.org. It's a very cool organization, headed in part by Heidi Lindelof, wife of Damon "Darlton" Lindelof (yes, he does have another better half!), that inspires children to donate books to their peers who don't have access to their own.

A slew of familiar faces showed up at Milk and Bookies' annual story-time celebration held at the Skirball Cultural Center: Sydney Bristow, whom some of you know as Jennifer Garner (see her reading to some munchkins in the video clip above), Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth, Marlon Wayans, Greg Grunberg, Michael Emerson, Carrie Preston, Jason Biggs and J.J. Abrams

"The thing I love most about this one is it gets kids involved at a very young age," Rainn told me, while admitting that he also was taking the opportunity to try and get in good with his "new best friend" Damon.

"I want to do the Lost spinoff," Rainn said. "I'm just waiting for The Office to end so I can get on the next island ensemble!"

Of course, he's kidding. But Rainn's dead serious about this little Office spoiler bomb: "We actually have some fun love affair subplots coming up." Involving Dwight and Angela? "It might even be multiple people. Dwight has turned into quite the playah!"


In the video clips above, see what else Rainn had to say about Lost (and his Smoke Monster connection); plus, Hero's (that's not a typo!) Greg Grunberg take on whether he'll return before the show ends and the latest on Twilight and 90210 from Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth.

Then head over to milkandbookies.org to see what's so great to get all these pretty faces out of bed on a Sunday morning!

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