Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack

AP PHoto/Dan Steinberg

Simon Monjack, the husband of the late Brittany Murphy, says he will be attending the Academy Awards this Sunday.

"I have been honored by an invitation to the Academy Awards, which I am very grateful for," Monjack tells E! News. "They will include Brittany in their In Memoriam tribute along with some of the other gifted actors that died this year."

And Monjack says he wants to look his best for the show.

"As far as the plan goes, I will fast for the next seven days in order to fit into my tux and polish up the patent leather shoes and then, in my wife's honor, walk the infamous red carpet."

Monjack says he wants Brittany's mother, Sharon, to be his guest.

"I hope Sharon can attend, but her presence will be dictated by her health and that's a decision that will be made nearer the day," says Monjack. "I only wish I were attending under different circumstances, but I know Brittany would want to be represented there."


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