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Hours after a massive 8.8 earthquake hit Chile, the residents of Oahu, Hawaii, are bracing for a predicted tsunami, and the stars of Lost, who live on the island, are among them.

We've just from star Daniel Dae Kim--whose trip to Los Angeles today for a fan event was derailed because of the tsunami warning--and also Lost boss Damon Lindelof, and here is the good news they shared...

"All our cast and crew is accounted for and safely away from coastal areas," Damon tells me this afternoon. "Jorge Garcia continues to thrash me in Scrabble via iPhone from Ken Leung's house. Our entire team in Hawaii appreciates all the positive energy being sent their way."

Daniel decided not to fly to Los Angeles this morning for tonight's Paley Festival fan event to stay with his family druing the tsunami warning. "My family and I are doing fine," Daniel told me less than an hour ago. "We've moved to high ground and are staying with friends who generously opened their home to us. All that's left to do is wait. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who sends their thoughts and good wishes."

According to the show's ABC rep, the other cast members expected at tonight's Paley event—Michael Emerson, Terry O'Quinn, Nestor Carbonell and Zulheika Robinson—are already in Los Angeles, so Daniel is the only cast member whose plans have changed because of the tsunami warning. The rest of the cast is still in Hawaii and were unable to attend tonight's event because they were working on Lost, according to a rep for the show.

Meanwhile, Modern Family boss Steve Levitan told me last night that the cast was planning to fly to Hawaii to shoot a family vacation episode within the next 2 weeks. No word yet from ABC on whether the expected tsunami might change those plans.

Damon and fellow Lost boss Carlton Cuse have taken to Twitter today:

@DamonLindelof: Praying for Chile and all the islands of Hawaii. Please send our cast and crew all your positive energy.

@CarltonCuse To ALL on the LOST crew -- responding to the Tsunami warning -- safe refuge is available at the studio.
@CarltonCuse Waves to reach Hawaii just after 11 AM.

Feel free to send your prayers and well wishes to the Lost cast, and all residents in Hawaii and Chile, in the comments section below...

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