Angelina Jolie, Maddox Jolie Pitt

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So we all saw Brad Pitt take Pax to visit Angelina Jolie on set of The Tourist yesterday, but now we have word that Maddox was there, too.

The boys showed up right around lunchtime, and Angie made sure to show them around.

"She introduced both boys to everyone on set...most of the crew and told them what jobs they do," a source tells E! News.

"It was sweet, because she was at pains to show the kids that she's not the star of the movie and that it takes all these people doing things behind the scenes to get a film made."

It was her oldest son who seemed most interested in the movie-making process...

"Madd was particularly interested in the lighting and special effects guys and all about what they do," says the insider.

Could Maddox follow in his famous parents' footsteps?

Either way, he'll have to wait awhile if he is interested in the movie biz. The source tells us that the boys spent the rest of their afternoon being home-schooled.

"Wherever they are, the kids have individual tutors who make sure they're keeping up with their school work," says the insider. "And Paris is no exception, they have a few hours of school every day."

Next up for the well-traveled clan? They're headed back to their Venice abode this weekend.

Bon voyage, Brangelina!


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